Concerns Students, Bangalore, IndiaWould you like to play a part in transforming the lives of economically and socially disadvantaged women like Sushila described below? If so, please think about supporting India Share.

India Share has a main objective of funding education to change lives in India, lives like Sushila’s living in the slums of Bangalore “I am twenty one and my life is over” – Imagine a beautiful, talented young woman saying this on her twenty first birthday, but these were the words spoken to me by a student, Sushila*. I met her when I was visiting Concerns Universe Foundation Community College in Bangalore. She had been an exceptionally bright school pupil, but she left early to marry against her parents’ wishes. Her parents completely disowned her and she found herself living a very unhappy life with an abusive husband and young children, alone and unsupported. She felt worthless and without hope. It was then that a Concerns’ community worker encouraged her to join Concerns Community.

The college gave her further education, vocational training and coping skills. Most of all it gave her reasons to hope.
With the help and support of college staff she completed her course and found a full-time job. She regained her selfrespect. When I met Sushila again two years later, I hardly recognised this happy, confident, apparently fulfilled woman. She and her children were thriving. Not only was she living life to the full, but her husband had learnt to respect her and was no longer abusive.

* Name changed to protect her identity

Report from Jenny, India Share supporter and regular visitor to Concerns Universe Foundation.

Many lives, like Sushila’s, have been changed by Concerns and it is this which spurs on supporters, like myself, to raise funds for India Share which then provides funding for Concerns Universe Foundation in Bangalore. (Bengaluru)

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